xxxx Michael Bs Muzik

Package                  $850.00

Together we will carefully plan and coordinate all the aspects of you event including the music and timing of announcements so your party will flow seamlessly from beginning to end. Adequate sound system and a wireless microphone are standard with every package. Watch how Michael B makes your guests feel comfortable as he creates the energy that evolves into active participation.

Bronze Package               $900.00

This is our most popular package. In addition to Michael B’s interaction with the crowd keeping your event fun and exciting it also includes LED lighting to enhance your dance floor experience. This new lighting technology emits brilliant colors that can color your room or dance to the beat of the music. They will defiantly add an extra touch of excitement to your dance floor experience.

Gold Package                   $950.00

This Package is best for outside events or where a large attendance is expected. It includes all the components of the Bronze Level Package with additional lighting and sound system.

Video Dance Parties        STARTING AT $1,200.00

This is where technology and entertainment meet, the best of the best. We Bring DVD quality music videos and project them on the big screen so your guests can watch and dance to their favorite videos, oldies, top 40 and country. We start by taking digital pictures at your event and in minutes they are on the screen for all to see. A live video cam is also available so your guests are live on the big screen as they are having fun.  Click HERE for more information!

Karaoke                         ADD $150.00 TO ANY PACKAGE!

We have a song for every voice! With over 6000 songs to choose from we bring the Ultimate-Sing-A-Long Sensation to your party. The words to your favorite songs scroll across our TV monitor as the crowd cheers you on and you become the star of the party.

Game Show Mania         ADD $300.00 TO ANY PACKAGE!

The ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment. You and your guests can now participate in a fun and exciting Game Show with all the bells, and whistles of a real T.V. game show right at your own event. We supply the questions or create your own specific to your company, business or family.

Casino Parties

Experience a realistic Las Vegas style Casino Party at your event. We supply the Roulette, Blackjack, Slot Machines and Craps tables complete with dealers chips and play money. Pricing will depend on number of attendees and tables.  Click HERE for more information!



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